Ethics Requirements & Volu App Training

The WP2 objectives contribute to the digital transformation of the teachers by addressing the ethics considerations with innovative 3D educational content.

The code of ethics in XR for education is a new area of research and recommendations have been designed to protect the rights of the students and the teachers within XR development and content sharing. It is important that teachers understand when they are developing Volumetric 3D assets that they are agreeing to follow the code of ethics. Furthermore, the project itself will need to address the compliance with GDPR and the collaboration with an external ethics expert to review all documents related to the project ethics consideration is necessary. The consortium will ensure that all content and activities with the project duration are ethically approved and ensure the data protection of the teachers.

This WP involves reporting in details on how the consent of stakeholders will be acquired and details on incidental findings policy. Although ~100 teachers have already expressed their interest of involvement (see letters of intent in supporting documentation), the consortium plans to identify at kick-off meeting a stakeholder engagement strategy with an open call through social media and networks to attract any teacher interested from EU and beyond. Within the first phase of the project, and once the teachers are fully trained in ethics considerations and open educational resources, they will be digitally transformed through the training on how to create their own Volumetric 3D Assets.