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Call for participants

Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential for getting access to a range of products and services within the educational sector. According to the Education and Training Monitor (2020) teachers need to be equipped with the necessary skills to take advantage of the potential of digital technologies to improve teaching and learning and to prepare their pupils for life in a digital society. Although frameworks have been in place to address the role of teachers in the digital technology inclusion in educational systems (DigCompEdu European Digital Competence Framework for Teachers (JRC) and Common Framework for Teaching Digital Competence (INTEF)), uneven ICT skills among teachers became more apparent during the COVID-19 school closures.

The Vol3DEdu Erasmus project aims to enhance the purposeful use of eXtended Reality (XR) digital technologies in education for teaching, learning, assessment and engagement. This includes the development of Volumetric 3D educational teaching content, advance digital pedagogy and expertise in the use of digital tools for teachers, including accessible and assistive technologies and the creation and innovative use of 3D digital education content in current practices. Equally, it includes developing the XR digital skills and competences for teachers in EU and beyond. Particular attention will be given to the free accessibility of toolkits and use from teachers by underrepresented regions. The created digital content will contribute to the objectives of the “Opening up Education” initiative, designed to boost innovation and digital skills in schools and universities to facilitate Open Learning Environments (opportunities to innovate for teachers and learners) and Open Educational Resources (OER).

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